Facebook Ads Creatives That Convert

Facebook Ads Creatives That Convert

Since the release of iOS14.5, creatives have become an even more crucial element of your Facebook Ads strategy.

Since the release of iOS14.5, creatives have become an even more crucial element of your Facebook Ads strategy. In the good old days, advertisers could create the most basic visual for their ads and in most cases it would still do well. We could create a dynamic ad using our entire product catalog, let ‘er rip and watch the ROAS roll in. 

Those days are gone. 

We can no longer rely on Zuck’s algorithm to make up for a poor creative strategy. In 2022 and for the foreseeable, it’s essential that our creatives look as strong as they could possibly be to entice a user to click. So, what creatives for FB ads marketers are performing the best right now? Let’s take a look. 

Carousel Ads

Carousels have always been a mainstay for any Facebook advertiser. Reliable, consistent and generally visually appealing to users, they give us a chance to show off our best products in the way we want them to look. What’s changed in 2022 that makes them so important? It’s the inability of Dynamic ads to show your products in the best light. The question you’re probably asking right now is “what’s stopping me from creating a custom collection in my catalog and using that in a carousel?” It’s the fact that Dynamic ads pull the default image on your product page, which more often than not is a plain image on a white background. 

Carousels give you the ability to design and customise every element of your carousel, and choose the images you believe give users the best impression. Not to mention that their interactivity gives users a chance to stay engaged with the products which leads to a higher CTR%. 

Video Polls

Video Polls, like Carousels, give an element of interactivity that is so important for your creative strategy. A very under-used strategy and somewhat hidden on the Facebook Ads platform (found in the ad-level after uploading a video), Video Polls are a great way to catch the user’s attention with a type of ad they wouldn’t see too often on their feed. 

Video Ads

They say a picture paints a thousand words. A video, on that basis, must paint a billion. 

Video ads should be a part of every company’s ads strategy in 2022, no matter your size, industry or vertical. In a world where the popularity of TikTok is ever growing, and Reels are a key makeup of Instagram’s content, it’s obvious that digital users are naturally gravitating towards video content. Simple static images just aren’t good enough anymore. 

In our experience, user-generated video content is the way forward in 2022. An unboxing, product demo, or collection try-on - anything with a user showing the product or service, is practically guaranteed to outperform a regular video. TikTok culture is slowly seeping into advertising, and it’s a simple case of get on board or get left behind. 

Facebook Ads Library

As a final point, if you’re not already using it, Facebook Ads Library is without question the best way to get creatively inspired in those moments where you can’t get those brain juices flowing. With this tool you can see what your ads your competitors are running - in fact you have access to the creative assets of any company in the world that is currently running ads on Facebook. While you obviously don’t have the luxury of visibility over the backend performance stats of these creatives, it does give you a great overview of what type of creative is trending in the industry at present. When we’re in agency mode and we’re taking on a new client, one of our first steps of onboarding is to go through Ads Library and see what their competitors are up to in the creative sphere. It’s always given us a starting point of what we need to aim for (and surpass), and what direction to give our client. 

To conclude, the creative dimension of Facebook ads has changed a lot over the last year. The main point to take from this article, is that since iOS14.5 we can no longer rely on Facebook to get us our ideal ROAS unless we undertake every measure on our end. Our ads must look pristine, making the most of the various tools that Facebook provides - Video Polls, Carousels are a great place to start. To really drive forward with creatives however, advertisers must be looking to create user-generated video content that is engaging and appealing. It doesn’t require the budget of a blockbuster Hollywood film - it can be done with only phone, the product itself and a sprinkle of creativity.