Email Marketing

Take your Email & SMS marketing to the next level

As Klaviyo masters we will grow your email marketing into a powerful tool you can rely on to contribute up to 50% of your monthly revenue.

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High-impact marketing services to grow your startup

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Email List Growth

We average a 6% sign-up rate on our email pop-ups and help our clients grow their newsletter audiences with quality and relevant consumers.

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Lead Magnets

We help define your CTAs and Lead Magnets to make sure that consumers receiving your content take meaningful action that benefits you.

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Auto Email Flows

We create automatic flows relevant to different segments that work 24/7, including welcome flows, cross-sell, and customer re-activation flows.

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Monetization Strategy

Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways to generate sales compared to social media ads. We structure your account for success.

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Email List Maintenance

Since email providers often charge per active user, we help keep your costs down with automatic flows that keep your lists fresh, and costs down.

Our Process

A simple process to grow your revenue through email.

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1. Email Marketing Flows

We work to define the most relevant flows and customer segments for you.

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2. Email Sequence Setup

We configure and create every flow and help you understand the process for email content creation.

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3. Email List Maintenance

We maintain active user segments and make sure that relevant segments receive the right content.

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4. Measure & Scale

Reporting our progress is key to our longterm collaboration. Expect full transparency.

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