How Strike Digital designed and implemented Brastop’s Meta strategy

and in less than 5 months generated over £447k in sales from Meta with a ROAS of 12.35.

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How Strike Digital designed and implemented Brastop’s Meta strategy

Project Overview

Brastop is an industry leading online retailer specializing in larger cup bras that are both attractive and affordable. Founded with the aim of addressing the challenges faced by women in finding well-fitting lingerie, Brastop is an inclusive brand that has been dedicated to helping customers look and feel great since its inception in 2003.

Brastop leveraged our expertise in Facebook advertising, with the goal of amplifying reach and driving substantial sales growth.

Project Execution

Working exclusively on Facebook advertising, we harnessed our expertise and in-depth understanding of the platform to implement strategic adjusments to maximise the effectiveness of Brastop’s ads. We devised a comprehensive full-funnel strategy in both the UK and USA, ensuring seamless customer journeys from initial awareness to final conversion. 


The changes we made to Brastop’s Facebook advertising strategy has yielded exceptional results. The optimisations we made has increased return on ad spend (ROAS) by an average of 44% each month and Purchase Conversion Value by an average of 63% each month since our partnership began. 

In less than 5 months and with only a 68% increase in spend, we have increased Brastop’s ROAS from 2.48 to 12.35 and generated over £447,000 in sales attributed to Facebook advertising, a 697% increase compared to the previous period. 

In May alone, we achieved a ROAS of 14.12 with over £138,000 in sales attributed to Facebook advertising. This is a 429% increase in ROAS and a 957% increase in Purchase Conversion Value compared to the month before our partnership began.

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