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How Strike Digital Increased Dec’s Pets Average Order Value

By 145% In Just 3 Months.

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Google, Meta, Klaviyo

How Strike Digital Increased Dec’s Pets Average Order Value

Project Overview

Dec’s Pets is on a mission to be the most trusted, innovative and customer-centric pet store in the nation. Starting out as a small independent bricks and mortar business back in 2018, Dec’s Pets has grown from a local pet store into one of the fastest-growing eCommerce brands in the nation. Given the success of their in-store sales Dec’s Pets wanted to take the online pet world by storm and create a detailed strategy for Q4 2022. There had been marginal success online but their current strategy lacked the structure for scalability.

Strike Digital were tasked with creating a full funnel strategy that spanned across Paid Search, Paid Social and Email Marketing. With this strategy in place the expectation was to continually grow the brand while keeping the core values at the heart of everything. 

Project Execution

We implemented a multi-platform strategy across Meta and Google for new customer acquisition along with email marketing through Klaviyo to build out a scalable structure for Dec’s Pets to grow. Product selection was a key to our success. We focussed on Dec’s Pets own brand products to grow the brand name while also ensuring sales and scale of products with high margins and stock volume. 

While analysing the customer purchasing trends we could see there was a high repeat customer rate for Dec’s Pets own brand products.On the back of this we helped introduce a subscription model to increase the lifetime value of customers at Dec’s Pets while also pushing the average order value higher. We worked closely with the creative team to ensure that we had high quality content along with engaging and honest ad copy to really help set the standard of advertising in the industry and showcase the unique nature of Dec’s Pets.


In Q4 of 2022 we saw a 51% increase in overall sales for Dec’s Pets online store vs the previous year, with their highest revenue driving month coming in November 2022. This was greatly helped by the 37% uplift in their own brand products comparing Q4 2022 vs Q4 2021. Most importantly during this period we were able to see a 145% average order value increase leading to an imminent increase in revenue but also impacting the lifetime value through higher basket values and higher rates of subscriptions.

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