Paul Sheeran Jewellers

How Strike Digital increased Paul Sheeran Jewellers' revenue

By increasing luxury watch sales online and in-store engagement ring appointments.

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Social Media Marketing


Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads

How Strike Digital increased Paul Sheeran Jewellers' revenue

Project Overview

We contacted Paul Sheeran Jewellers with a plan to increase their in-store engagement ring appointments and online luxury watch sales. The PS team liked our proposal and so Strike Digital got to work creating campaigns with specific calls to action that would aim to increase Paul Sheeran Jewellers revenue in the multiple luxury verticals they service.

Project Execution

We promoted specific luxury watch brands such as TUDOR, IWC and more, following schedules provided to us by both the brands, and PS. We also worked with PS's marketing team to choose the most relevant engagement ring images and ran campaigns promoting engagement ring appointment booking. Since Paul Sheeran Jewellers have incredibly skilled goldsmiths in-house, we wanted to capture the customisation that they can provide by showcasing a recent ring design they created.

For both watch sales and engagement ring appointments we implemented ads across Facebook, Google and Instagram with niche targeting in acquisition and a robust retargeting audience too.


Specific results are protected under NDA but website sales have increased significantly since we partnered and engagement ring appointments were increased significantly.

We also increased the company's awareness surrounding the new boutique luxury watch centre opening off Grafton Street in November 2022. There will be six individual boutiques which is a first for watch brands in Ireland. Cartier, Breitling, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Panerai and TAG Heuer will all have their own shops which will be promoted by Strike Digital on digital platforms across Ireland.

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