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How Strike Digital expanded Lola&Lykke’s presence & revenue in UK & Ireland

Increasing sales within this newer market by 31% in 3 months.

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How Strike Digital expanded Lola&Lykke’s presence & revenue in UK & Ireland

Project Overview

Lola&Lykke is an award-winning Finnish brand that designs and develops innovative health and wellness products for mothers. 

We had two main goals in partnering with Lola & Lykke. The first was to increase revenue in Finland, where brand recgonition was already high. The second was to improve Lola&Lykke’s reach and revenue in the United Kingdom and Ireland where brand recognition was comparatively lower.

Project Execution

Before launching our Meta & Google campaigns, we addressed a critical Meta Pixel issue that had been causing discrepancies in tracking and purchase conversion values.

Following the resolution of the tracking issue, we formulated a comprehensive advertising strategy for both Meta and Google. Recognizing the need to tailor our approach to specific markets, we meticulously designed a full funnel approach for each market with the entire customer journey in mind. By aligning our campaigns with the unique characteristics and awareness levels of each market, we aimed to meet Lola&Lykke’s target audience at the correct stage of the funnel and drive conversions.


Since our partnership with Lola&Lykke began, we have achieved a Total ROAS of 8. 

In the first 3 months alone, we increased total sales by 44%, total orders by 36% and website conversion rate by 33%. During this time, we witnessed signficant growth in the United Kingdom and Ireland with a 56% increase in number of orders and a 31% increase in total sales. These results demonstrate our ability to drive sales and revenue growth in markets with lower levels of brand recognition.

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