How Strike Digitial increased Qualified Leads for Modoco Kitchens

by 91% in just 6 weeks.

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How Strike Digitial increased Qualified Leads for Modoco Kitchens

Project Overview

Modoco provides customised IKEA kitchens with their wide selection of doors, drawers, worktop and handles. 

Modoco partnered with Strike to accelerate lead generation and expand their customer base. Our primary objective was to deliver high-quality leads using both Meta and Google solutions.

Project Execution

Recognizing Modoco’s status as a newly established company with limited brand recognition, the first step of our partnership was to ensure we had a solid foundation for success. We conducted an extensive website audit and provided several recommendations to improve website conversion rate and improve overall user experience.

With these improvements in place, we built a robust marketing strategy with a focus on both enhancing their online presence and increasing high-quality leads. We harnessed the combined power of Meta and Google solutions to find Modoco’s target audience and meet them at the appropriate stage of the funnel. We nurtured these leads through the funnel, ultimately concluding in submitting a form on the website. We regularly anlaysed performance in order to determine which audiences, creative, copy, etc. were working best and optimised based on our findings. 


Our efforts with Modoco yielded remarkable results, surpassing their expectations and generating more leads than they could handle. 

In just 6 weeks our marketing efforts coupled with the recommended website optimisations, increased website lead generation by 91%. In addition to this influx in leads, we also increase brand recognition by quadrupling website traffic.

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