How Strike Digital achieved a ROAS of 13 for Seagreen in 2022

Applying a cross-channel strategy to generate over €400k in online sales from a spend of €30k.

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How Strike Digital achieved a ROAS of 13 for Seagreen in 2022

Project Overview

Seagreen are Ireland-based women’s fashion boutique. Well-renouned across the country, they have two physical stores in Monkstown and Ranelagh, as well as an e-commerce website. They underwent a huge online expansion during the 2020/21 lockdown, which forced a lot of physical stores to close temporarily. Upon reopening, they sought to maintain the levels of online revenue they had achieved over the previous year.

Seagreen partnered with Strike Digital to increase online sales from advertising across Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Project Execution

Having analysed Seagreen’s ad accounts across the various channels, we could see a lot of room for improvement in terms of creatives, copy, & campaign objectives used in the past. We highlighted these opportunities to the Seagreen team, and requested to receive creatives based on their best selling brands - Anine Bing, and Veja. We know from experience that leveraging the most famous brands in the store would drive up our traffic, giving us more chances to convert the customer in the future through retargeting with the entire range of Seagreen’s collections. 

From there after agreeing on ad copy, we launched our campaigns across Ireland on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.


For 2023, we’ve achieved a ROAS of 13, which was over €400k in online revenue, from a spend of €30k. 

On Google alone, we achieved a ROAS of over 18, with nearly €300k of sales coming from the platform. 

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