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How Strike Digital increased Serena Boutique's email sign-up rate by 730% using Klaviyo

by using targeted pop-up forms, dynamic audience segments and regular campaigns.

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How Strike Digital increased Serena Boutique's email sign-up rate by 730% using Klaviyo

Project Overview

Serena Boutiques wanted to increase their email sign-up rate so they would have more engaged customer segments. We recommended and set up Klaviyo Email & SMS for them. The objective was to improve the customer experience by sending more relevant communication from the company to specific segments of custumers. Serena Boutiques wanted to increase the amount of repeat customers they had as well as to have retargeting with custom flows.

Project Execution

We set up custom email flows such as a welcome flow, a thank you flow and more to increase the relevant touchpoints that the company was having with it's consumers. We also re-structured the website email collection form and pop-up to make it more enticing for consumers to join their mailing list. We also created email templates that would dynamically feature products that their consumers had browsed in emails sent to them. Finally, we created custom audience segments such as VIP customers who made over a specific amount of purchases and also individual product segments that include all the people who bought a specific brand or product. Using those dynamic segments we planned potential campaigns that could be sent to them in order to generate repeat purchases.


Using our targeted email collection forms we increased sign-ups from 0.73% to 6% in month one.

This increased their email sign-ups considerably in the run-up to the busiest part of the year.

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