Silverback Gymwear

How Strike Digital more than doubled Silverback Gymwear’s online returns

By increasing revenue for that period by 279% with a 90% increase in spend, and ROAS of 11+.

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How Strike Digital more than doubled Silverback Gymwear’s online returns

Project Overview

Silverback Gymwear is an online e-commerce gym clothing market leader in the strongman and strongwoman markets. They’re based in the UK, but sell internationally. After mixed success with online advertising, they wanted a team that they felt were confident handling a significant budget increase while also improving their over-all profitability and revenue. Silverback gave Strike Digital control of the Paid Social and Paid Search ads, as well as their Klaviyo email marketing account.

Project Execution

After first making a lot of stabilization changes to the account to make sure it had the best structure for scale possible, Strike Digital worked to identify what segments Silverback could have more appeal with, and set a plan with targeted audiences to reach a wider audience.

With the automation tools on Klaviyo we implemented a number of email flows to nurture the relationship with potential, and returning customers more effectively.

We also helped Silverback with their celebrity influencer campaigns to negotiate favorable terms in their contracts with influencers that would help them get the most out of the collaboration.


In the first 2 months, with the changes we made, we grew Silverback’s ROAS from just below 4 to over 9. In the following 2 months we took that ROAS to above 11, making them a much more profitable company. By focusing on client lifetime value and prioritising efficient spending, we increased their total revenue for that period by 279% with only a 90% increase in spend.

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