How Strike Digital grew Zoli99's monthly revenue by 607% in just 6 months

While increasing return on ad spend to 15.30 and increasing sales by 483%.

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How Strike Digital grew Zoli99's monthly revenue by 607% in just 6 months

Project Overview

Zoli99 is a famous Belgian interior design brand. Their presence is constantly growing and currently, they have four, large physical stores and a busy e-commerce website. They have a catalogue of over 30.000 products selling couches, dining sets, lighting fixtures, garden sets, and much more. Their mission is to keep expanding and to meet the design and decoration needs of everyone, even the most demanding interior designers.

Zoli99 partnered with Strike Digital to increase its website revenue by advertising on multiple social media platforms. They also wanted to grow their brand across international markets as well as promote their multiple stores’ physical locations.

Project Execution

To increase revenue, Strike Digital created a list of the most engaged audience segments that Zoli99 had, and started targeting these with optimized conversion ads on multiple platforms. We implemented multi-level retargeting campaigns to send cold, non-converting audiences down the conversion funnel to improved Zoli99’s conversion rates. Store promotion in Belgium was a challenge as there are three national languages, but our multilingual team and the use of machine translation software solved this challenge. We ran multi-platform brand awareness campaigns to increase Zoli99’s social media following and brand recognition.


The objective was to increase revenue while maintaining and improving Zoli99's ROAS (return on ad spend) and the project was largely successful.

In 6 months Strike Digital:

  • Increased revenue from €485k to €3.43m per month
  • Increased ROAS from 5.70 to 15.30
  • Increased purchases by 483% from 3.29k to 19.2k

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